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Welcome to Eagle Creek PTA,

The number one reason to join PTA is to advocate for our children’s education and well being. Being a part of the PTA allows you to get connected with our school and have access to great resources on the Florida PTA website. You can speak up for change, be a part of the solution, and serve as a good role model for your child and all children at our school.

Membership is so important because without your support, our PTA could not provide the funds or resources to the students, teachers and school. Each year we hold our annual PTA Membership Drive and welcome anyone who wants to join, including parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, school faculty, neighbors, friends, businesses, or any other acquaintances. Membership can be obtained all year long and you must rejoin each school year to become a PTA member.

When you join PTA, you are not obligated to attend PTA Meetings or Volunteer.


PTA meetings are an opportunity for us to become informed about the activities happening within the school community. We make decisions on how to support our school and help create the best educational experience with the funds that we bring in through our fundraising efforts. Additionally our principal or designated staff member attends to provide important school information and PTA provides an opportunity to ask questions, make suggestions, or voice concerns in an open forum about any aspect of our school community.

2023 - 2024 PTA Membership Discount Card (included with every PTA Membership)



Membership for school year plus 1 discount card.



1 PTA Membership for school year plus 2 Discount Cards



2 PTA Memberships for school year, 2 Discount Cards and 1 ECE Logo Travel Tumbler



2 PTA Memberships for school year, 2 Discount Cards, Stainless Steel ECE Logo Sport Bottle and Name Recognition

Purchase your PTA Membership at our school store today!

To request more information:

Contact Maytee Pabon

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